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    :p Do anyone know where to get a incubator for my beardie eggs in newfoundland new or used I need to buy one or get one.. I had one but burned in house fire and I grabed the most important thing in my life my Lizards and snakes.. Please I need to find one..
    My E-address is ford.butt@nf.sympatico.ca
    Thank You..

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    I don't personally know where you can purchase one, but you can build your own if worse comes to worse: if you get a rheostat/thermostat (depending on how precise the temps must be for the species), a refrigerator, and some heat tape voila! I've even heard of coolers being used in a pinch for small clutches.

    If you have a resource like craiglists where you can create a wanted ad, there are often tons of people willing to give away nonworking refrigerators,mini fridges and dorm fridges, etc. They're very well insulated and allow for easy temp control - there are plenty of sites and even youtube videos describing how to convert these types of things into incubators if you are unable to find one otherwise.

    Good luck! = )

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