Help. My 4 pound iguana suddenly stopped eating.

Discussion in 'Iguanas' started by sheba2000, Nov 29, 2003.

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    HI. I have a 4 pound iguana that I've gotten from a friend of mines about 5 years ago. He was pretty big when I got him and was very aggressive. He had a tremendous appetite and I provided the proper lighting, heat rock, reptical, humidity and diet(romaine lettuce, carrots, broccoli, etc). But I noticed for the past week that he was not eating his food. He would nibble on it but that's it. He seems to be sleeping more now. I thought maybe he was constipated so I bathed in warm water to stimulate him but nothing. Please help

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    maybe you should take him to the vet. my brothers lost his appetite when he had mites. keep us posted, hope all goes well

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    One take out the heat rock, they can cause fires and burn your iggy. They are very, very bad, after a friend of mine had, had heat rocks for years, one started sparking while in the cage with a baby iggy. (it was not that old, maybe a few months off the store shelf) Try a heating pad, even a human heating pad. Romaine lettuce is actually just more of a filler, there is nothing to it for an iggies diet.

    Here is an EXCELLENT (sp?) care sheet from a very very trusted person.

    I talk to him constantly on another website (if you would like that website pm or email me and I will give it to you as I don't know the rules about posting other websites here :) )

    There is another post on here made by me in the medical forum. And my step father all he feeds his iggy is romaine lettuce and she is about to die now because of malnutrition (among other unknown things)

    How big is your enclosure, what types of foods are you feeding, what are the temps, what is the humidity like (if you don't know the temps go to wal-mart or something and get a 10$ *usd* indoor outdoor temp gauge, and put the out door probe on the basking spot floor).

    This is not a personal attack, all my questions and suggestions are always in the best intrest of the reptile.....

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