HELP - gecko's finger is falling off and bleeding

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by SunnyBaker, Jan 6, 2008.

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    For the past couple of weeks, one of my oldest leopard gecko, Sunny's, fingers had gone from looking like it was raw almost with a layer of skin missing, to scabbed up, and now, after shedding today, it's broken off and is hanging on by some skin and bleeding heavier than usual for him. We've stuck his foot in corn starch to hopefully stop or at least slow the bleeding for now, and we've been told that more humidity can help stop bleeding (the air is quite dry here this time of year), but other than that and potentially attempting to book an appointment with a small reptile vet that won't fit us in for a week and wants a ridiculous amount of money up front, we don't know what to do.

    Along with that, he's had areas of skin look like they've been scraped and usually end up scabbing over and bleeding every now and then, right now he has one above his right bottom leg that's so deep you can see some of his bone. I have no idea what would be the cause of this, so if anybody knows, please help.

    His finger:

    The scrape above his leg:
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    RE: HELP - gecko

    is he the onley gecko ing the cage?
    maybe there is something in the cage that's sharp or pointy that causes injuries can we see a picture of the cage?
  3. SunnyBaker Embryo

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    RE: HELP - gecko

    Yes, he's the only one.
    I don't think there is anything like that in his terrarium, the only thing that's sort of roughly textured is his log, but I was talking to someone on another forum and they said that they doubt that would be the cause.

    Here's a picture of his terrarium:
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    It looks like he has lost some toes already? Typically that is due to bad sheds, skin builds up, circulation gets cut off and then the toes fall off. Is there a humid hide in the tank? The toe is swollen, it could be infected. Do you leave feeders in the tank all the time?
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    The edge of your hide could possibly be sharp enough to scrape him, if it is just cut plastic with nothing covering it.. maybe?
  6. SunnyBaker Embryo

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    I know he's lost nails, I don't know about full toes though, we only got him last July. We use the white hide as a humid hide, though the only thing providing humidity at the moment is a humidifier because someone on another forum suggested that he may have some sort of bacterial infection (like their gecko with similar symptoms had), and in case direct humidity would increase bacterial growth, I want to play it safe for now. Plus, he just shed today, so he isn't in need of humidity to soften his skin for shedding. We were told by someone not to leave feeders in the tank because it supposedly encourage the growth of mites if there are any, so we feed him worms one at a time and watch him eat them.

    I don't think he could be hurt from the edges or corners, there's a plastic lining in there that covers the bottom as well as part of the walls of the terrarium, and he spends almost all of his time in his hide (except when drinking or pooping).
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    Well usually when the shed builds up and the toes fall off, there is not blood, hence the circulation being cut off.
    However, the issue of the humidity being too low could exist. Sometimes if they have a hard time shedding, they get a little enthusiastic about removing it, and they bite themselves accidentally.
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    I suggest getting Sunny to a vet. It sounds like a pain to wait and to pay ridiculous fees, but wounds, bleeding, and scabbing over sores are not normal or healthy. I would bring him in to see what the vet can find out about him. For the future (unless the problem is related to humidity) I would try to find a new humid hide that is more contained. Even just snapping a bottom onto the white container would work. I use a bunch of damp paper towels in mine and that does a fine job of keeping the hide humid.

    Let us know what you can find out and how he progresses. Good luck with the vet!
  9. Saucy Embryo

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    Yeah, he's already missing all the toe tips on that foot, so I'm going to say it's probably a shedding issue. You really do need to get a humid hide in there. I don't think it's a bacterial issue as there's really no evidence of that. The scrape above his leg looks like he ripped skin off pulling shed skin off. If anything, put some neosporin (polysporin) WITHOUT pain reliever on the cut above his leg. Try and keep his cage super clean so his toe can heal.
  10. Shanna66 Well-Known Member

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    and change the paper towls often. you dont want to risk anything bad getting in that. if he will let you try to rinse out his wound with water. im not sure about putting anythin on it though, im not a vet and didnt take enough classes in that major to help you too much. but you should take him to the vet asap

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