Help, found a freezing house gecko

Discussion in 'General Geckos' started by texgecko, Dec 12, 2006.

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    When I found this little medditerranean house gecko the weather was aroud 27 degrees outside.(he fell out of something from my storage building, into the back of my small SUV) I know in normal circumstances the best thing to do is let the lizard go. But it was way too cold and could not move. He would have frozen from immobility. Took him a while to get warm after we got him home.

    He's eaten two crickets in four days. But still looks too skinny for his size. He also shed a day or so after I got him.

    Now the weather is nice until the weekend. I say nice - temps between 40 and mid 60's. Is it ok to let him go now, or should I hold on to him till the worst of the winter is over? It could get down to freezing again here several more times before March. There are currently no lizards in our garden's as they normally are. Folks on another non-reptile forum that I am a member of have recommended release. But I just now decided to double check here before making the decision final. I want to be sure he has the best chance for survival.

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    I say you release him. If temps will be 40-60 for a couple of days that will give him some time to find some food and do whatever else it is that medditerranean house geckos do. Is there any safe place to release him around where he was found?

    I can understand feeling bad about the cold weather, but I would be afraid of keeping him too long and having him get used to not having to hide and hunt for food. They say the longer you keep a wild caught creature, the lower its chances of successfully returning to the wild.

    Have you read a lot about them and their habitat? Perhaps you can learn more about what they do in the winter, and where they like to hunt and hide. Then maybe you would be able to find a safe place with hiding spots to release him into the wild.
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    Found enough info about their care in captivity. But not much to speak of on what they do in winter other than if they live in warmer areas or can get into houses and such. He might be safe out here. As long as a bird or cat does not get him. We have regular skinks and spiny lizards in the bushes and gardens during warmer weather. Nothing about hibernation so I guess they don't. I dunno.
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    What did you end up doing? We found a house gecko in the pool skimmer. Not sure what to do with him. It's freezing for the next few nights. He is in slow mode so not sure he can get where he needs to go.

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