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    Hey folks!! :)

    I'm fairly new to being an owner of a bearded dragon, and need some advice/help on the proper lighting and heating. I'm using a 30 gallon tank if this may be of help. I've been researching everywhere on what types of lamps should be used but I wasn't pleased with my findings. I've researched many websites and pet stores and as said before, not satisfied with the answers. So I've decided to register on "The Reptile Rooms" site due to the experience that bearded dragon owners have. I live in Southern California and the weather is usually consistent year round, despite some weather changes here and there.

    My question(s) are:

    Which is the best combination of lights for a vivarium? Basking and UVB/UVB? Basking, light and UVB/UVA? Or a combo of basking/light in one and a UVB bulb to the side?

    What areas should these lamps cover in the tank?

    How many watts should be used for a basking and lighting lamp and how many hours a day should they be on?

    I've researched using black light bulbs for UVA/UVB is good for D3? Is this true, and how long should this lamp be on during the day/ night? If so what should the watts be on this lamp for ideal exposure?

    Are dimmers and timers worth buying for heating and lighting of the tank? Are there any thermostatically controlled power strips that can be used? I ask this question because I'm gone a good portion of the day and my room gets roughly 75-80 degrees (plus or minus 5 degrees) if the AC isn't on, which is usually set to 75 during the summer. I have one window and french doors and am asking if it is OK to put my tank nearby either one? Won't necessarily be directly under the window or in front of a door but off to the side and my blinds are closed most of the time anyways. I don't know if this would affect the temperature in the tank especially if I'm running lamps. Don't want to fry or freeze my bearded dragon. :)

    I've always wanted a beardie due to all the positive things people have said about them and of course, I want him/her to be healthy and happy with me as it's owner.

    Your responses are very much appreciated.


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