Heat for Dumeril Boa

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    I just got a dumeril yesterday. I have had a ball python and central American boa in the past. This is my first time using substrate other than newspaper. I noticed she still had some she
  2. rebelluver

    rebelluver Embryo

    This website is not working with me. I can't edit so I will continue here. She had obviously had trouble with here last shed so I wanted to make sure the humidity was up. That doesn't work with newspaper in Las Vegas.
    I went to the reptile specialty shop here and the guy recommended the cypress mulch. It works great... for humidity. It stays at 60% just being in there.
    The problem is the heat. With my repti therm UTH the temperature does not ove at all. It is 78 in my apartment, it reads 78 in the tank. There is a warm spot in the substrate, but the heat does not transfer up at all. I keep hearing people talk about turning theirs down so I bought a thermostat, and instead I am not making near enough heat. It is a 40 gallon tank, and it has the corresponding 40 gallon heater on it. It all works great, if you put your hand on the glass, it is hot. It works.
    Is this just the substrate eating up all that heat? Should I add another uth? I don't want to go the route of heat lamp again. Is there a special place I should take the temp from? My thermometer is about halfway up the glass on the hot side.
    Because it a screen top I placed a sheet over it to hold heat in. That just raises the humidity too high. I am really baffled here because nobody else seems to have this problem.
    I have about 1.5 to 2 inches of substrate in there.

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