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Discussion in 'Anoles' started by hobotramp, Aug 23, 2002.

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    Just got home and found Booly hanging onto the screen directly under the UVB/A flourescent light. Is this normal? okay? I know if it was the heat light it would probably indicate too cold, but could this be something to help with his digestion? He ate about 4 crickets around 3 hours ago? Just curious if it's something I need to adjust or just a normal behaviour. Temp in basking area around 90 degrees on the rock. Higher if he climbs up on the wood (obviously closer to the light, hotter temp). Do I need to watch this or will he not go too high if he is already warm enough?
    Hobo is swelling up again so probably see another egg (s) in the next week. Keep you informed.


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    Well, remember they can also climb glass... so could get even warmer, hehe.

    We had our anoles climbing all over the tank for no apparent reason, although they usually clung themselves to the glass nearest the heat lamp.

    I'd say he was probably just exploring, or maybe needed a little extra heat (Flourescent tubes don't give off a lot), but not as much as the heat lamp provided.

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