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Discussion in 'Fire Bellied Toads' started by rib_it, May 19, 2006.

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    How do you know if they are male or female? The guy at the pet store said the brown are girls and the green are boys. The brown ones are constantly attached to the green ones, I'm sure that they are trying to mate. They bark ALL OF THE TIME! It's very cute!
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    I dont think color has anything to do with it...i believe it has to do with size...the larger ones are female...i though that was true for most frog and toad species...but i myself couldnt find much info on sexing FBTs
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    That would make a whole lot more sense to me. The little guys are the ones who bark all of the time, also the little one are always on the bigger ones.
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    Yeah my FBTs generally practice the same behaviour...that and it cant be brown=female...cause my brown ones hump up a storm on the other one...also my female is green with brown stripes so i dont know how you would determine gender that store employees rarely seem to know much...and they will make stuff up to compensate for ignorance...
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    I have found that to be true sometimes too. Although they do have good tips sometimes too. Thanks!
  6. You can tell which ones are males from their size and singing (barking). The males will be smaller and make more noise than the females. Also, they will be the ones on top due to the development of their grippers on the bottoms of their hands during mating season. As to the color, it doesn't really matter what color they are, but color can be an indication of one of two things:

    1) They are the European variety and they are normally brown and will stay so. It is perfectly safe to keep them mixed with the oriental species.

    2) They are not yet adjusted to their new habitat or something is slightly off with it. If you just bought them and they are oriental, then they will most likely change. However, if you have had them for a while and do not know if they are European or not, make sure that their temps are around 76 during the day and down to 68 during the night. Also make sure that their humidity levels are fairly high, at least 60%. If these criteria are met and they stay brown, then they are the Euros.

    Hope that helps! ;)
  7. One slight adjustment....I meant to say that the nighttime temps should not drop below 68. With these toads the warmer, the better.
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    I have always read and heard the same as above as, size smaller is male and barkers are male ,but one other thing no one else said is, Is male s have sharper,bigger bumps on the and female are more smooth.
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    Actually, nighttime temps can fall as low as 65F. The males also have bumps on them that are raised higher that the female. The males also tend to be brighter in color than the females.
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    The thing about the color, what color is your substraid/gravil? Fbt can change from vibrant green, to almost black as night at will, both my males and females are green as day when on the plants and when they are on the black gravel, turn a dark dark green, lol also, what store did you get you fbt's? There are 2 breeds (the green, and the browns) I don't remember the difference, it's like one is from china and the other is from somewhere else, or they are both from 2 differnt parts of china, but no worry on them breeding, it's perfectly safe to cross breed the 2! :p
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    Very informative but id like to let you know the post is from 06. Havent seen that member on so he probably no longer uses the forums. But very informative post :D
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    Lol I know I know, :p but you know someone out there in the wide wolds will read it :3

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