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    Buy IKEA Gift Cards IKEA announced the recall of 29 million dressers on June 28 2016 and then re-announced the recall on November 21 2017. According to the complaint the Dukiches parents of two young children tried to return Malm dressers to IKEA for a refund in August 2018 but were denied despite a promise by IKEA for full refunds on chests and dressers manufactured between January 2002 and June 2016. Consumers with chests and dressers manufactured prior to January 2002 were to be eligible for a partial store credit. Owners of the product were also provided with the option of a free wall-anchoring kit.

    Discount IKEA Gift CardsWhile you can’t actually return gift cards there are several different ways you can sell gift cards for cash or trade gift cards online for credit at another store. So you won’t actually be stuck with gift card duds leaving the money unspent or wandering the shop in a desperate search for the least atrocious item.Here are the best ways to sell or trade your unwanted gift cards.

    The Michigan COVID-19 Response and Recovery Initiative helps leverage federal resources including Federal Emergency Management Agency funds that require a match to provide critical services and needs to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.Donations are allocated to provide food and water education support for children personal protective equipment and other essential activities as needs are identified.

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