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    floor more healthy.2. Flame Retardant Function: The wear layer on the first floor and the decorative layer on the second floor have been specially treated with flame retardant function to prevent scalding and ironing of heat sources such as cigarette butts, matches and so on, so as to prolong the floor durable.Assessment details:1. natural color soft,
    natural fresh woodThis floor is soft, fresh and natural, with a plain home, creating a relaxed and cozy atmosphere as a whole. The wood grain is very real and natural. The tree branches and scars on the floor are clearly visible, reflecting the original ecological woody effect.Tips: the advantages of plastic flooringWear: about 10 to 30 times more than
    ordinary lacquer flooring.Beautiful: available computer simulation of a variety of wood patterns and colors.Stable: the original wood completely broke up the organization, undermining the anisotropy and wetting and drying shrinkage characteristics, the size is very stable, especially for warm room system.In addition, there are impact, antistatic,

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