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Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by JacobMorgan, Jun 9, 2004.

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    I have a water dragon(young) and I have one heat lamp already in there, with a basking platform below for him to lay on, as well as a UVB flourescent for that light.

    However, I was wondering would it hurt to add a second light in a different area, and use a Floodlight bulb I have? Its 120watt outside flood light..would this be too much? or harm the lizard somehow ? or what?

    Is there any reason not to use this? has anyone done this themselves? Or should I just use a regular 100watt incandescent?

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    The floodlight may be too bright for a cage. It may not necessarily harm the dragon, but it is possible it could harm his eyes. I'd stick with a regular incandescent bulb or a fluorescent. The wattage depends on the size of the space you want to light. If you only need it for a few square feet then you may be better off using a lower wattage rather than the 100watt. If you are using it for heating as well, I'd use one of the incandescent daylight/heat bulbs from ExoTerra or Flukers or one of those companies. Check the wattage limit on your lamp as well. Some lamps only accept up to 65watts safely, so check the manufacturers instructions. Also remember that you do want some space that is cooler than the basking area. Not just under the hide. Part of the cage should only be warm, not heated for basking. You don't want the cage too warm or too bright. It will only stress the dragon and cause him discomfort.

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