FIFA 20 is one of the latest games to receive a Black Lives Matter message

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    FIFA 21 Mule Accounts EA has added a Black Lives matter in-game message to FIFA 20.

    The murder of George Floyd by police officers last month has sparked protests around the world over systemic racism and police brutality. EA is one of the latest companies to speak out against racism and introduce changes to its game to remove any toxic behavior.

    EA is also giving out its No Room For Racism club items to all FIFA Ultimate Team players again. This means all players have the Premier League No Room For Racism kit which can be worn across the various FUT modes in the game.

    The new message in FIFA 20 is shown before the game starts and highlights the systemic racial discrimination toward the black community. The message also says that EA is committed to fighting racism and social injustice and will do its part to help.

    FIFA has a long-standing issue with its customisable player and club names buy FIFA 21 Mule Accounts which some players use to spread racism online in FUT and Pro Clubs.

    FIFA 20 is one of the latest games to receive a Black Lives Matter message. Infinity Ward added a Black Lives Matter message to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone and also delayed the release of season four. Epic Games also delayed Fortnite’s Chapter Two season three in response to protests following Floyd’s murder.

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