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    Hey there!!
    I have just picked up my baby rtb and I wanted to know if i should feed it in or out of its viv? i'm just thinking it may regurge its food when i put it back in after its meal.
    Any help would be great
    thanks =D

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    I recommend feeding outside the enclosure. Reason being more than anything is bedding. Not sure what you're using, but feeding on anything buy newspaper or maybe cage carpet can quite easily result in some of the bedding going down with the meal... and that can cause some nasty problems.

    Plus, there's the whole "cage aggressive" thing that people say can become an issue with in-cage feeding. I don't really know how much truth there is to that, as I have just about always fed in cardboard/plastic boxes outside of the cage except for the rare occasion when some other issue requires a feeding inside the snake's enclosure. (nothing you should /have/ to do)

    As for regurgitation... that really shouldn't be a problem. Once the snake is done eating (tail passes through his mouth), just leave him in there for about ten minutes/fifteen minutes or whatever to let the food settle in. Then very carefully pick him/her up (be weary of the snake still being in feeding mode, though) and just place it in the cage. Just be sure not to squeeze the boa, and go directly from box to cage. No other handling for around two (+) days, as that's when regurgitation is a problem.

    Hope that helps. :)

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