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    sale, sale, after-sales service.It is understood that the Elephant' full time and space 'plan is currently being fully implemented in Beijing, all Elephant sold goods including wood flooring, floor accessories, wallpaper, etc. can enjoy this service. Consumers only need to call the holy elephant service calls, tell the contact number and location, the staff will be dispatched via GPS system,market share wpc plastics plus
    the nearest service People quickly and accurately reach the customer's designated location.Therefore, the concept of 'full time' sounds very
    fashionable, but its intention is very simple - with information technology upgrade single Of the artificial service .Cheng Elephant Group president assistant Chen Ta-nan believes that the value is what consumers really need, the Elephant does not fight the price war, only the value war, companies will find ways to continue to enrich the consumer's value interests.In his view,concrete plank design versus composite deck
    Although some mature wood flooring companies have come out of the quagmire of 'price wars' or 'functional wars', they are easily caught in the homogenization of services.
    Therefore, Shengxing takes the lead in launching the service innovation of flooring industry and armed with technology Enterprises, with more excellent service to occupy more markets.decorative wrought iron fence panels
    At the same time, the elephant and 278 floor installation workers through professional training has been the Ministry of Construction Housing Industrialization Promotion Center, China Forestry Industry Association, China Constructio

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