Dwarf or Giant Pixie/African Bullfrog?

Discussion in 'General Amphibians' started by gex236, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. gex236

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    Hey all, I used to be a regular member here, popping in again to ask for some advice that always seemed easy to find on these forums.

    I just got a pixie, I don't know his/her age or sex. Right now he's about 3 inches.

    Are there any distinguishing features between dwarves and giants? I'd like to try and find out what exactly I bought, as weird as that sounds. A lot of stores mislabel them as the giants, and sell the dwarves.

    I can post pictures if needed later, but I just got him today and he just settled into a burrow so I don't want to disturb him yet.
  2. SCF

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    If you post a decent pic. I can tell you.

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