Does anyone own a collared lizard?

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by shank_the_wiggles, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I seen one of these on that jeff corwin show. Its was very stunning and I was curious if anyone on here keeps one? I am also wondering what size of cage you would have to use because of how they like to run around.
  2. CLARK

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    a friend of mine used to have one, he kept it in a 29 gallon tank. but, he only had it for 6 months before it died, the poor lizard had a messed up tail too.
  3. Thats sad :) I would have to make a custom enclosure for it. It must have been a WC with parasites.
  4. CLARK

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    yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if it did have some. also, i don't think he provided proper care for him, and i would've given a lizard of that size a larger tank.
  5. They are lovely lizards! ive heard people say they dont need much room... They do like to run around, so they do need space, but they arnt huge lizards, so they dont require as much room as bigger lizards.
    WC animals run the risk of being seriously infected with parasites and stress, so need a lot more care
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    Well just watch out where you buy them. On my local pet store they sold me an 'armadillo lizard' and it ended up been a Blue Spiny Swift , which is totally different. Also, be warned that the collared lizard and the Blue spiny swift are really close and look alike, only difference is the spikes, which I just learned because where I bought it, my local pet store, don't know nothing about lizards.
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    I have been looking into getting a pair of collards, however i dont know everything i would like to. Heres what i know;

    They needs temps similar to that of a beardie, but a lower basking point. A pair can fit nicley into a viv with a floor space of 36" by 24". Although bigger is always better.

    They can run on their back legs, they dont climb however they do jump from rock to rock so the viv cant be really low.

    They are not very handleable as even CB ones can attack humans, WC ones will take fingers off. Ive only ever seen them sold in a reptile show near me once, they are currently still for sale. THere was 4 2 are left; £95 a pair.

    Theres not alot of good care sheets around, thats information that i have peiced together. I would be very keen to hear from anyone that knows more.
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    I've had a pair for 3 years. The more you hold them the more hand tame they become. I've only been bite once and it wasn't on purpose and it didn't hurt. Message me if you'd like to chat more

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