Do Beardies play dead?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by pethuman, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. pethuman Embryo

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    No, she's not dead. But she lays sometimes with her arms tight to her chest and her legs tight to her tail (think of a crocodile swimming and freeze that) and closes her eyes. Mostly she does it when I'm transferring her from her cage to her feeding container to eat (which is a rubbermaid container). After a while she'll snap out of it and go eat, and then go back to "frozen" mode.

    Is she scared? Narcoleptic? Sick?

  2. kephy Moderator

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    I'm not sure why she does that when you're holding her, but my dragons sleep in that position all the time. Maybe she is a little scared when you pick her up and that's her response. Is she otherwise active and healthy?
  3. pethuman Embryo

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    Kinda. She's not eating well lately so I'm going to try and entice her with phoenix worms. She's been like this since I got her ~3 months ago. By "this" I mean kinda freezing up when she gets scared. I think I might take her to the vet anyway to get her checked out for worms since my uromastyx wasn't eating and we found out she was chock full of pinworms :/

  4. cornishrexrules Embryo

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    Why do you have a seperate feeding container. Would it not be better to have the food in her enclosure where she can feed when she wants too.
  5. kephy Moderator

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    A lot of people prefer feeding insects in a different container to eliminate crickets hiding in the enclosure. You don't necessarily want them eating insects "when they want to", it's nice to regulate the time and the amount, and for some people the easiest way to do that is a separate container.
  6. bruno Moderator

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    Although I dont keep beardies, I did have a Bosc who was a real "cricket muncher" 60/70 (large) a day man
    What I did to help eliminate crix escaping around tank, was to use a glass dish approx 4 inches across and 1½ inches deep with straight sides, I then wedged dish between a couple of rocks so he couldn't tip it over, I found this worked well. It also made it easy to "dust" them with cal/vits etc a pinch into dish, hand over top and a good shake, then the crix etc didn't loose their coating before he had eaten them.
    This is just a thought, but do you have an top opening tank, ie, put hand in from above?
    A hand from above is like a preditor attacking and this may be the cause of him being scared, I had this prob with some gecko's I had. If it is a top opener then go in at opposite end and move hand slowly at ground level. I was always told "Low and slow" when approaching reptiles.
    A change in appetite could be anything from a change in weather to internal problems, I would certainly take a fresh feacal sample to vet for checking.
    These are purely my thoughts on it and not "gospel" but you may wish to consider them.
    Hope he improves soon.
  7. JanisBugeja New Member

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    might it be the temperature change in the feeding enclosure?

    i read somewhere that stuff like that may happen sometime and the beardie goes in a sort of sudden hibernation...

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