Disinfecting Tank [Pic Heavy, Some Graphic Content]

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    Yay! Animals that are still eating are usually not EXTREMELY sick, so that’s a vy good thing!

    - I love my job and my internship with exotics, although the schooling is extremely difficult :/. I’ve been interested in reptiles/amphibians for as long as I remember, although I am an animal lover of all sorts. I have never been to a reptile show, I’m afraid I’d be to tempted to either adopt and/or yell at people for not treating their pets correctly (I’ve heard horror stories).

    - And it’s awesome talking to someone else who owns an anole – I have yet to find a discussion board that is updated frequently to converse about my little ones/help others J.
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    I do know the schooling is pretty long-I've heard 8 years for a vet! Though, that means you're getting all of the education needed, it seems you've learned a lot!
    And it is nice to see all the animals, though you do always want to buy everything! Especially when there's a good deal! I did buy a millipede, which ended up dying-since they didn't have much on the care, though I think he could've had a parasite. He was pretty cool though! And not theat big, he was a Ghana Red-Banded Millipede. Though, the dealers I got him from are the bad dealers at the show that are always there. They have a big display, with a lot of animals-most of them not looking well. And while at shows, most of the animals are in small containers(to be sold)-it seems their containers are too small and they have some in tanks that seem overcrowded-it is aggravating! I would only buy from the ones that truely care for them, though sometimes they're priced higher-I'd think it's worth it.
    And ya, when I was first on year-about a year ago now-there weren't many people at all with anoles. And I first came on here asking how to care for them and such-I got him about a year ago in a week or so, it's crazy to think last year I was just preparing for him and now there's all this mess with him :/ He was the prettiest one when I picked him, and a pretty good size-though he's grown since I first got him.

    Do you only have the anoles now then as pets? And did you have any others before that might've gotten you more into it?
    Sorry for all the questions-I'm just pretty inquisitive I guess lol, even more so being an only child :)

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