dead crested adult dont know why help

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    hi im new :) my adult crested gecko died shortly after a molt she would open her mouth wider than i have ever seen her do ,and would do this for long periods of time. She had trouble eating so i would help her but i was not able to get her to eat any crickets only the special diet. I left her alone when not getting her to eat . I was scared of getting herto stressed out. Toward the end she got lathargeic (cant spell) she stopped climbing and layed there the majority of the time on the bottom. If anyone has any ideas or knows what was wrong with her or if i did something wrong i would greatly appreciate it . I love these little ones and want to get another one but want to know what happened first so history doesnt repeat itself. THANKYOU

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    Welcome to Reptile Rooms and I'm sorry about the loss of your crestie. We have a designated subforum for crested geckos here so I'm going to move it there....

    Can you possibly give us some more info about her set-up? Temps, glass/screen cage, size, decorations, what did you feed her and how much and how often, did you dust her crickets with calcium, what other kind of food did you give her? How old was she? what weight? Was she alone in her tank? etc. etc.
    Answering those questions would really help us out in trying to figure out what happened.

    In the mean time if you wanted to take a look around the site at the care sheets and other posts here there is a lot of good information on this site that can help you out :)

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