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Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by Andrew22, May 28, 2013.

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    My dragon is a female around 2 years old. I got her when she was just a little baby and she has been totally fine since. But today I came home with some crickets to feed her, and I found her laying under the water not moving at all. I was pretty distraught and couldn't believe she was dead, as she had always been healthy. I've done all my research before I bought her, and made sure to spoil her the entire time I have had her.
    So I dug a hole out back and went to bury her. but when I put her in the hole, she suddenly came around!! She started flailing and freaking out and I desperately tried to grab her and settle her down. She popped out and my girlfriend grabbed her and she bit her pretty hard. She has NEVER been aggressive before around Anyone. When I put her back in the cage to get her under some heat, she kept opening her mouth defensively when I put my hand near her. Now she is just laying there and when I try to move her, she doesn't move a muscle, she is just laying there.. She has never shown signs of being unhealthy. I dust her crickets every other feeding or so. I keep her cage and water clean. She sheds regularly and without issue. I handle her all the time, she is my lil buddy. And now it is like she wants to die.. Please someone provide some insight on this, I freaking love her and I want what is best for her. I just can't afford the vet at this moment... Please help...

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    i believe to narrow down a lot of things would be answering the following questions? ( I am new at this but i am pretty sure these are the most populated questions that are going to be asked in order to help you determine the possible cause)

    1. Any food or habits changed for the last few weeks to a month before you saw her lying in the water?
    2. has the food come from the same source at all times? (cricket/veggies/worms) from the same store?
    3. any sign of unusual behavior that you may have seen that you thought it might be nothing? (ie anything from the way she been eating, to running in tank, to sleeping, to interacting with you out of cage)

    here are some of the questions that might help lead to more questions and hopefully come down to a conclusion to what happened

    on the side note, a visit to the VET would be your best option as it could be something as far as central nerves system???

    i hope i helped a bit in a way

    good luck

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