crocodile skinks

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by Shanna66, Feb 16, 2011.

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    i found a lead to maybe finally finding some and will be looking into it this weekend. at the reptile shop i was told that a guy thought he saw some at another pet store.

    ive been buffing up on my skink know how all day, plus the little research ive done for the past couple years and one thing i have no idea about is what to heat with and what temps?

    i keep hearing to keep them at 83 and other say 72 and some say no lower than 78

    and for heating i keep hearing they prefer overhead light and some people say to use a uth. i would prefer a uth since ill be using a plastic storage bin as an enclosure. im planning on having a substrate around 3in or so becasue ill be using a small cat box as the lake area

    any help or tips?

    tips for sexing too please, i would like to get into breeding them since most are wild caught and i would like to help make captive bred animals more avaliable. i just plan on doing small time breeding though, i know they dont lay many eggs so doing any large scale breeding would require alot of skinks and i dont have the time or money for that

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