Crema has shared its mid-term plans for Pokémon-like MMO Temtem

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    Yesterday, Crema Games launched the first part of their Early Access roadmap for their monster-taming game, Temtem. The "short-term" roadmap highlighted new features that developers plan to roll out from spring through fall 2020. It includes rankings matchmaking, MMO-style chat bubbles, unions, and housing.

    The current iteration is filled with just as much content. First up in the winter of 2020, the team would like to add two clubs Dojo Wars and Trading House. Dojo Wars would be the way to Club (think traditional clan) against another club for dominance over a dojo. Holding Dojo lets you decorate it and open a new gift. The Trading House will provide a user-friendly way for players to trade. It would be a great feature, which is why the devs give yourself plenty of time to work on it. Winter will also introduce Matchmaking V2, which is when the team will begin to add a season to play rankings.

    Matchmaking is basically what it sounds like; The element that allows Tamers Temtem PvP against one another based on ratings. For these and other specific mode, Tamers will not have to try and enhance their Temtem well. The creature will be automatically upgraded to the current level cap, with SVs cranked up to 50. If you need Buy Temtem Pansun, you can visit our site

    Dojo Wars, meanwhile, gives the club (basically clan) the opportunity to conquer and hold each Temtem six clubs dojo. After conquering, members can decorate Dojo and earn rewards, and other clubs will have the chance to battle and shift the Dojo leader at this time every week, through love tournament game.

    The last stop of our roadmap is summer 2021, which adds the Battle Pass cosmetics based system, a third myth Temtem and Nuzlocke mode. Nuzlocke far as fashion Iron Man in other games where if Temtem knocked it considered "dead" and can no longer be used. In Temtem, mode Nuzlocke will also make it so only one or two Temtem can be caught per region, making any arrests coordinated decisions.

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