Corn snakes for sale?

Discussion in 'UK Forum' started by deydey, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. deydey

    deydey Embryo

    Does any one know what websites sell Corn snakes in the UK? It would help alot if they shipped also.
  2. herbleremady

    herbleremady Embryo

    hi there will supply ur corn snake and every thing needed. atm they have a Carolina Corn Snake for 27.98 and a starter kit for 23.99 plus 14 shipping for the corn..
    please let me no what you end up getting.
  3. LittleMick

    LittleMick Embryo

    Was that the Komodo Basic Hatchling setup? If so there is only one hide in it and no mat stat, or at least I can't see one from that image.

    I was looking at the Triple 8 Reptiles Hatchling Snake Complete Setup Large Faunarium

    but you still only get strip thermometers :) mind you though you can pck up the exo terra digi for under £9 :D
  4. herbleremady

    herbleremady Embryo

    yer it was the komodo set-up........
    it should be fine lol all i have in my corn snake set-ups is....... oh and its 1 of the analog thermometers that you get with the setup java script:add_smilie("^_^","smid_3")
    paper towles (substrate) but i go for the cheap option as i have many reptiles.
    2 hides 1 hot 1 cold side
    1 heatmat (i dont stick it to the container as it will get to hot) i just rest it on a doubled up bath towel and rest the container over the top.
    1 analog thermometer (just keep on the warm side) the cool side i leave at room temp
    water bowl bigger the better so it can soak in it.
    and a few leafs and sticks for it to clime on.......
    my corns have done fine like this for over 4 years and if you wanna go for the nice looking fings you can pick these up as you go along.
    oh and if you do decide to purchase the komodo set-up you can just get an empty tub for a extra hide. (make sure you rinse well and its not to big or the snake will stress)
    if you would like more help or have any more questions you can e-mail me at
    good luck on what ever you decide to get :)

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