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    Hey guys,

    I have an African fat-tailed gecko and I just wanted to see if someone could help me keeps my temps constant. I live in a house with no central air or heat at the moment. The way I am controlling the temperature now is by switching bulbs between the 3 that I have. I have a 30 black phosphorus night light and also a 60 watt of the same kind. I also have a 50 watt daytime light. I have a UTH which is for a 1-5 gallon tank, but she is in a 10. That was my mistake, because I didn't bother to read the indications on the label as for which size tank it is suited for. I have her humid hide directly over her UTH and almost directly under the basking lamp. The temp stays around 80-90 in that area during the day, and drops about 10-15 degrees at night. The problem is that since we have no central air or heat right now, the temperature flucuates a little more I'm sure than if our house would have central air and heat. I just don't feel that I have control of the temperature as much as I should, know what I mean? If anyone has any experience with housing Leopard or African fat-tails, please help me out. We just got some Rheo-stats in at work, which I know would probably help a great deal, along with me probably changing the UTH to one of the recommended size for her tank. Could anyone recommend, from their experience, what wattage bulb I should use within a 10 gallon tank considering that it can get cold in the room at night? Also, eventually I want to move her to a 20L tank. Would I need roughly double the wattage for a 20L than a 10? Also, when I go to a 20L tank, should I up the size if the basking light dome? I know this is a lot of questioning, but I'd appreciate any input you have.

    UncleLunchBox ;)

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