Collard Greens? Diet?

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by BDgex, Sep 1, 2008.

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    I have been feeding my Uro a mix of romaine and spring mix, but I was reading that the darker leafy greens are better for him. It actually said romaine wasn't the best choice. So...I just bought him his own huge pack of collard greens and endive. I know endive is supposed to be good for them, but now I hear that kale, collard and turnip greens should be giving sparingly. Now I have all these collard greens, which he likes, and I don't know if they're good for him to have on a daily basis. Any thoughts? What do you feed yours?

    Mine is a very finicky eater. He ONLY eats salads. He won't eat any vegetables or fruits. He won't eat any insects, and he won't even walk near any kind of canned food or iguana mix. I finely cut up some green beans and peaches for my guys today and he didn't touch it. Heck, he didn't even look at it. My beardie devoured them all! I thought it would be a special treat trying something new. Then I threw in some collard greens and he dashed over and ate them. He hasn't been eating a lot and getting him to eat is hit or miss. Any ideas?
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    My girl eats endive, escarole, mustard greens & the occasional collard green. I sometimes give her dandilion flowers and yellow squash with her salad. She is finiky too so I have to stick with what I giver her. She will not eat many vegetables she loves her endive and escarole
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    It's funny, Nines does not like kale or collard greens. He's a creature of habit. His usual routine is a layer of spring mix or butter lettuce with some water soaked lentils on top, usually 7-8. I then put a layer of escarole/endive on top. That is finished off with a layer of bok choy. If he does not get Bok choy, he sulks all day. I then blast that with a couple of spritz of water, and then add Miner-all I, and some mazuri tortise pellet the I grind up in his personal coffee grinder. The other 2 days a week, I add uro dust instead. He has just past his 2nd year old B-day, and is almost 15 inches. Poo's every day. He's been on this diet for the last year, and is thriving.

    Bask, eat, poo. What a life.
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    Go to and check out the nutrition page...its for beardies, but its good info for all lizards - it has a chart on it that lists all sorts of diffrent veggies, how often they should be fed...and why or why not. Its a great resource!

    You can also try offering a mixture of iguana pellets, millet seeds, and ground up 10-bean soup mix :)


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