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Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by shortylala, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. shortylala

    shortylala Embryo

    I'm trying to find a good name for my female veiled chameleon. Any ideas? I was thinking of calling her Miss Perty. Whats your chameleons names? Thanks.
  2. brittone05

    brittone05 Embryo

    How about Twiggy? Could you post some pics of your female? It usually helps with the naming if people can get an idea of how the cham looks :)
  3. TonyV

    TonyV Embryo

    My male is Jag due to his coloring (Jaguar).
  4. shortylala

    shortylala Embryo

    Thats really cool. I finally decided on a name. Even though shes a girl. I'm going to call her Bubba. or, Miss Bubba. My daughter keeps on saying bug bug when i feed the chameleon its crickets and it sounds like Bubba.
  5. brittone05

    brittone05 Embryo

    Awwww - that's really cute. Can we see some pics of Miss Bubba? My daughter calls our cham a beardied dragon!!! she was very pleased to see 2 BD's on her favourite kids programme and now everything that's not got fur is referred to as a beardied drgon!!!
  6. Undone

    Undone Embryo

    i named mine Newton~
  7. shortylala

    shortylala Embryo

    awe i like the name newton hehe.
  8. shortylala

    shortylala Embryo

    my b.f did this for me, isnt it cool
  9. thepogona

    thepogona Embryo

    I seem to want to name mine after a term or native language from where they originated. For instance, my dragon's name is Aussie. I would probably name my Panther - Amboalava (Note: this name is sacred to me, please just use this name as a guide; try and find one in a dictionary. If you know Madagasy, even better).
  10. i_goguen

    i_goguen Embryo

    My three chameleon names are: Coco, Zico and Kiwi. It's simple and cute.
  11. darcman

    darcman Embryo

    Babatunde :)
  12. EternalTune

    EternalTune Embryo

    When I originally got my Senegal, I thought she was a male, so I started calling her Casear. However, after doing some research, I discovered he was a she and her name was changed to Cammy after a certain Street Fighter character I like.


    Everyone says she looks like a cucumber with eyes.
  13. mine are vera lynn(pink floyd song), peewee, herman, ziggy, stardust, sweetleaf, petri, and lucy(in the sky with diamonds)
  14. Mine is called Diego after Diego Rivera! :) (For those who don't know, famous artist married to Frieda Kahlo, another famous artist)
  15. Phil1988

    Phil1988 Embryo

    Mine is called Colin :)
  16. Mikey624

    Mikey624 Embryo

    my panther is called Bud (after the budwieser chameleons) : )
  17. $Theo$

    $Theo$ Embryo

    How about chamie

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