Can my very docile female CWD be moved in with my 18mo Red-footed Tortoise?

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by TammyK, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. TammyK

    TammyK Embryo

    ok where to begin...we took in a very sick female CWD a yr n hf ago. after meds, vets, love n water therapy she is doing well, except for atrophied rear legs. she cant climb much but runs around in her 90gal tank just fine. ok so 10 mo ago we took in a baby CWD that didnt look like it would survive the night. after meds, feeding with a dropper etc it has become a big, strong sometimes aggressive male that is now attempting to breed with her. i am afraid he will hurt her but we have 7 other tanks now and no more room or outlets. we recently got an 18mo old female RFT and she has a 6ftx4ftx18in beautiful encloser. can we put the female dragon in with her???

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