Can I feed this to my mealworms?

Discussion in 'Feeder Forum' started by curiousgeorge, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. curiousgeorge

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    I have my mealworms in some quaker rolled oats and I had some of this left over,

    I put 3 rounded scoops in with some quaker rolled oats. I already put it in with my beetles and they are not seeming to die from it, i wonder if the mealworms would do good on it? let me know before I use this stuff.

    The only thing i can think of that could possibly be detrimental to their health and molting is the calcium, but is that enough to kill them?

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  3. Fiche

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    Even if the feeders don't die, my concern would be for the reptile you're feeding them to. I would personally dump the stuff. The enzymes found in there may actually be harmful to reptiles. Perhaps you'd want to ask a vet or nutritionist about the effects of the ingredients.

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