Can anyone please name soem home treatment for a small lizard?

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by sweetlittlelucky, Sep 7, 2010.

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    First off, sorry to admins for multiple thread, but for some reason I couldn't log back in, so I made a new account.

    I have a small adult male whiptail with an ear infection.

    He's stopped eating and drinking and is extremely lethargic.

    He still has a will to live though, so I'm not given up on him.

    Hate to do it, but I've been force-feeding him since yesterday and water as well, and he is re-hydrating a little and just last night took a tiny bit of water on his own, but is there anything I can do for his ear?

    We cannot afford a vet, so please post any home remedies that you have experience in your own small lizard. Also, what caused the ear problem?

    Thank you anyone who replies. Lucky really wants to live, if he didn't he would've just given up, so please help this sweet little guy. <3


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    I feel really bad, cause i dont want this to go unanswered, but really i dont know... If he still has time, save up as much as you possibly can extra for a vet. I would think he would need perscription (I cant spell haha) Eardrops from a vet....Sorry i couldnt help much just didnt want this to go unanswered

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