Call of Duty:announced that it will be adjusting circles in Warzone next week

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    Call of Duty CP Coins Infinity Ward is making a change one of the most brutal aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone. In a community update on April 24 the developer announced that it will be adjusting circles in Warzone next week.

    Infinity Ward have added a ton of new content to their shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare since the game released in November 2019. New maps weapons operators and cosmetic items are regularly added with each new season and Season 3 is no different.

    In many battle royales including the likes of Apex Legends and Fortnite players can remain inside buy Call of Duty CP Points of the "storm" while healing up and fighting but that isn't the case in Warzone. Even if the gas itself remains as strong as it is which requires a gas mask to survive for an extra few moments if the circle were to slow down it would change the flow of gameplay.

    The update is set to release on Tuesday 28 April 2020 and the patch notes will go out shortly before the update begins rolling out. Those who love to grind for special camos will be happy to hear that a new Obsidian camo is coming. On top of this a new system is in place that will allow players to mix and match blueprint weapon attachments to their liking.

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