Caledonian Crested Gecko

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  1. fishingman1

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    I saw these at my local pet store and was wondering about them.

    Are they a nice gecko. I have a leopard gecko and it lets me hold it and it never bites. I understand they are wild reptiles but are the crested geckos that nice?

    Also what needs do they have? Is it they same as a leopard gecko? Do they need a heating pad or other heating parts?

    What type of substrate do they prefer? Would they be fine on reptile carpet? Sand?

    What do they eat? Are they easy to take care of?

    There seems to be very little on-line about these geckos.

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  3. Shanna66

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    they are the easiest reptile to care for in my opinion.

    room temp is fine for them so no heating
    they need at least 20gals and the tank must be tall
    they can be held
    eco earch and paper towels are good substrates
    and they dont need to ever eat bugs

    the only thing that i dont like about them is that if they lose their tail is doent grow back so im always paranoid, though ive grabbed jack's tail many time and even pinned him down by his tail and he has never dropped it (he likes to escape so i have to be quick when i catch him)

    i think of them as just sticky leos, they have the same types of personality as leos. my little jack is a very curious little creature and always has to watch what i do

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  5. tyler12

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    they are great from what ive heared im getting one in 16 days and have done lots of research. keep babies on paper towels no heating pads or lamps unless ur room temp is below 65 sand because they are tropical reptiles.they cat eat cgd (crested gecko diet) with the occasional fruit as a treat. mist twice a day. keep in a tall 20 gallon at least for 1 to 2 geckos. hope you like him/her!!! :D

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