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Discussion in 'Australian Forum' started by nitroRcs_reptiles, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. nitroRcs_reptiles

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    hello i am at the moment using rep-cal calcium powder is this the best or is there a better brand

  2. centralnetteddragon

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    I also use Rep-Cal and am happy with it. However, for higher demand animals such as gravid females or sick individuals needing extra calcium I use a liquid supplement (Calcium Sandoz) on food or in drinking water.
  3. africancichlidau

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    There am no better brand than Rep-Cal !! As CND says Sandoz is good but I think only able to get more into your animals because it is easier to get more into the prey item with it being a liquid.
  4. justkev

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    rep-cal calcium is a good calcium, it's oyster shell based .. and it has been used for years.

    Lately though there have been several newer calcium supplements that seem to work a little better. these are much "stickier" meaning you dont have to use as much, water soluable and more available to the animal that oyster shell based calciums.

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