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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by daycor, May 6, 2010.

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    I had placed an order online with this company last week (Thursday). As it was the first time trying them out, I called Tuesday to clarify their shipping policies as I wanted to be available to receive the parcel. On their website it indicates they ship only on Tuesdays. No one answered and I left a message. No one bothered to call me back. I called back today (Thursday, a week after the original order) and it turns out that they did not ship due to bad weather. It would have been nice if they would have advised me by phone or e-mail. The person said they tried calling several times and I was the only person they were not able to reach, but since my phone records the telephone number of incoming calls and it did not appear even once, I knew that was not true.

    She advised that the order would be sent out next week or that I could cancel the order. As that represented a 2 week lag, I told her that I would get back to her on what to do. As it is late in the week, the best I could arrange without incurring expedited charges was gain one day by going with the company that I normally order from.

    As a friend had referred me and there are posts recommending the company. I wanted to try them out and give them a second chance. Short term fix, I would buy what I needed at a pet store (at a premium) for this week, but to mitigate any potential problems going forward, would increase the order so that I had an ample surplus on hand. I call her back. No answer, so I leave another message. An hour or so goes by, I decide to call again.

    I ask why she did not return my call. She tells me it is her business and that she has to take care of her kids and can't always be available. I take a moment to digest what she has said and to calm myself...I tell her not to cancel the order, but before adding to it, asked if she was willing to do something for me. What I was looking for was just some gesture to offset the rocky start and to give her an opportunity to do so. Most companies would have said they would throw in 5 or 10% more product or offered a small credit to a future order. Instead, she flies off the handle, tells me she will cancel the order and hangs up.

    Great customer service and attitude... not. Does anyone, know of any professional western Canadian companies worth looking at or should I just continue ordering from the US?
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    Try CanadiaFeeders.com Good guy to dealwith is Rob, delt with him long time now, never no probs.. ***HEALTHY FEEDERS***u can let him know that Chris Butt from newfoundland sent ya..


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