Breeding superworms

Discussion in 'Feeder Forum' started by Ryan1990, May 18, 2009.

  1. Ryan1990

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    Ok, so I've seperated 40 super worms in a seedling propagation tray (all in individual pots). I have a few questions though.
    At the moment, they're in there on their own so was wondering if I should put some 1. moist cotton wool or kitchen roll and/or 2. a small amount of food in each pot?
    I have a small tank (about 5-6 gallon) for the beetles when they're mature. What should I put in as a substrate for them to lay the eggs in? Should I put whatever I use for them to lay their eggs in throughout the tank or just in a small container (will they naturally lay their eggs in a loose substrate?).

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    use potatoes, carrots wet veggies etc for water. and the bedding could be anything like oatmeal or bran or w/e they will lay their eggs in it

    good luck

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