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  1. intifallout

    intifallout Embryo

    Anyone ever seen one? Are they aggresive? I know they are back fanged, but still deadly, I am assuming they would have to chew on the bite area for a few seconds.
  2. shrap

    shrap Embryo

    Allow me to quote Gregg_M......

  3. bodom85

    bodom85 Embryo

    Boomslangs were once considered no harm to humans. The have killed a few people since then and are now listed as potentially harmful to humans.
  4. Snakes_Incorporated

    Snakes_Incorporated New Member

    I have a pair. These animals are not aggressive. Even though the animal is back fanged the animal can open its mouth to about 60 70 degrees so can bite the victim anywhere.
    If invenomated the victim will need anti venom no question.
    Arguably the most toxic land snake on the planet. The venom is heamotoxic and slow reaction but lethal

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