"Big Dripper" Replacements!

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  1. Camillo

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    Here is something for anyone who is a cheapskate, penny-pincher, or is just broke. :-p

    For a while, I wanted to get a Big Dripper thingy, which drips water at a constant, steady rate. Well, I have a device that does the same thing and doesn't cost $9. Here's what you do:

    1. Take a Ziploc bag
    2. Take a sewing needle of some sort *I used a cross-stitch needle, since it's bigger than normal sewing needles*
    3. Poke 1-3 holes near the bottom of the bag and close to one corner
    4. Fill it with water
    5. Place the bag on top of the cage, above a leaf so the lizard, snake, tuatara, etc. can drink from it.

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  3. UltAnoleMan

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    Here is another way.
    1.Take a plastic cup.
    2.Poke a very small hole with a push pin.
    The hole should not be bigger then a centimeter.
    Olny push the tip in to the cup or else the water will come out to fast.
    If you guys think this is hard then use Camillios idea.

    UltAnoleMan :)

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