Best fresh water fish for tank mate?

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by Norse, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Norse

    Norse Embryo

    Are most fresh water fish non-toxic? I ask because I have about 3.5 gallons of filtered and aerated water in my Chinese Water Dragon's enclosure I want to put some fish in, but these guys are fish eaters so if he takes one I want it to be safe. I was thinking a nice hatchet fish would look cool in there and a algae eater fish would be useful since I have UVA and UVB lights blasting down there. Can someone make some recommendations?


  2. teiryklav

    teiryklav Member

    goldfish!! cheap, nontoxic ( i guess ), and eats anything :)
  3. jwurm

    jwurm Embryo

    Yeah, aren't most feeder fish species of goldfish? Some of those aren't too awful looking.
  4. Ryan1990

    Ryan1990 Embryo

    Guppies I heard were good feeder fish and are fairly pretty looking, however they don't get very big so if your WD takes a liking to them... I don't think he'll stop at just one and you may end up replacing them a lot lol.
  5. crusty

    crusty Embryo

    wouldnt it be cruel to the fish?. like, if i were a fish i wouldnt like to be constantly stared at by a predator and no having a chance to run aawy or lets say swim away. i know that leaving alive mouse in snake's tank for feeding purposes is animal cruelty to the mice, i dont know
  6. Norse

    Norse Embryo

    No one cares about fish. And I had some feeders in there but they just made the water nasty and died off before he ate them all. I guess the fish idea isn't going to work out too well after all.
  7. Indy's Mom

    Indy's Mom Embryo

    Where do you find feeder fish that are parasite free? That would be my biggest concern!
  8. JnM_Reptiles

    JnM_Reptiles Embryo

    I would refrain from feeding goldfish, goldfish are part of the Carp family and members of the Carp family,such as the Large and Small mouth buffalo fish for instance have been known to carry toxins which can cause illness and death in people, and even if the fish is cooked the toxin still lingers.... i feed guppies and other small fish... but stay away from the goldfish....

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