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    So guys i bought a bearded dragon about 4-5 months ago i bought him from the local pet store everything with ( brody ( has been perfectly fine he is a pretty large bearded dragon ( or at least i think he is ) at purchase he was probably 2-3 months old and was a tiny guy! now he is well over a foot long from head to end of tail. I used to feed him crickets but then i switched over to superworms when he got bigger. He loves them the other day a shipment of them came in ( 1000+ ) and i was sorting through them and had him out during this time i saw him eat 10-15 superworms and i am sure he snuck a few while i was not looking! so i can estimate he ate anywhere between 15-25 superworms ( large ) he eats them all the time but never so many at once. his basking spot is usually between 100-110 degrees and i had calcium sand in half of his tank and paper towels on the other half. To get to the point ONE of his back legs won't move much ( if at all ) he does not try to move much and when he does he trys to stay off of it. after doing some web searching i assumed it was impaction because he has not ONE but TWO UV lights that are relatively NEW i put him in the bath and after a few minutes he took a VERY LARGE POO! bigger then he usually does! i thought this was a good thing and i dried him off and GOT RiD OF ALL OF THE SAND! and cleaned his tank. since then he has not moved much he did eat before i gave him a bath i am very worried about him he is my little buddy and i just don't know if after he poos does it take a while for his leg to start working or could it be something else?
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    Hey I am just wondering how Brody is doing? I had a baby do that one time and it took a few days but he recovered and was fine after that.
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    my two brothers and i got 3 beardies, and one of them is about a month and a half old, and the other two are 3 moths and 4 months. and two nights ago i had mine out, and the tiny one was in the cage with the oldest one we have. we heard rustling around and we looked over and the oldest one was chasing the baby, and he had her picking her up and shaking her around and we had to put him in a different tank alone and now the smallest one cant move it's front right leg and doesn't move around much. my mom took it today to get it checked out to make sure its ok, because its so small. so possibly if you have another beardy it got in a fight with your other one?

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