Bearded Dragon eating tuna and scrambled eggs?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by agr, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. agr Embryo

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    I asked a breeder that I'm ordering from (hopefully tomorrow) how the bearded dragon is eating, and the breeder told me the insects they feed and also that tuna and scramble eggs are occasionally mixed into his salad anyone ever heard of this before? I know tuna and eggs are healthy food but still seems kinda odd to me but coming from a breeder it is hard for me to think its a horrible idea.
  2. bleedthefreak Embryo

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    Hmmmm. I've heard of giving dragons egg whites.....very, very rarely as a little treat. Before I stopped eating eggs, Gordo used to have a little taste every now and then...and he did seem to enjoy it. I've never heard of anyone giving them tuna before...I can't imagine that tuna could be good for them, it certainly wouldn't be neccessary. Hopefully more people will respond.

  3. D00M Embryo

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    Well.. If they only scramble egg whites and use no oil then It could be ok... But you think It would be easier to just give them hard boiled egg whites. Also, tuna Is really high in protien so I guess If you gave It to the bearded dragon in moderation with nothing else but the tuna It might be ok... But most tuna uses preservatives and junk like that. Im not saying It's wrong, Im just saying I wouldn't do that.
  4. Janice Embryo

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    And there is a ton of sodium in canned tuna!
  5. ChamBreeder2005 Embryo

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    I would never feed a Breaded Dragon Tuna or Scramble eggs. even if its heathy
  6. agr Embryo

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    I would feed my beardie any food that was healthy. The reason this question is on here is to get more information.
  7. rnapier Embryo

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    Foods high in protien lead to liver and kidney disease (two of the 5 leading causes of death in reptiles). There is a large problem with liver disease in Iguanas due to people feeding them turkey. I would imagine this diet would cause the same problems in bearded dragons. Humans aren't the only creatures who like to eat things that aren't very good for them! :wink:
  8. AlphaDragon Embryo

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    I read their caresheet and was kind of confused by the egg thing. I personally would not feed tuna or scrambled eggs.
  9. mthorpe Embryo

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    You have to kinda follow what they would eat in the wild, thats how their digestive systems have evolved. feeding them fish or cooked eggs isnt going to follow that whatsoever, personally, i would never feed it, stick to roaches/crix/silkworms/locusts
  10. agr Embryo

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    I'm glad this thread has gotten so much response. I kind of half heartedly considered doing it but now since there is no reason to I won't. Thanks for the input everyone!
  11. crazyman1378 Embryo

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    tuna has mercury in it too!!! all fish i think does... no tuna for my beardie just for me
  12. DragonGirl Embryo

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    not all tuna has mercury in high enough levels to harm humans. I know pregnant women cannot eat certain types of tuna (albocore) bc of the mercury, but i know a lot of people who feed feeder fish to their beardies, and i personally give mine sodium-free canned in water tuna (Skip Jack, not Albocore) as a treat and he absolutely loves it.

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