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Discussion in 'Canada Forum' started by BlaznLow, Nov 26, 2011.

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    For those who order crickets from National Reptile Supply in Toronto. DON'T!!!! I have twice ordered through Port Credit Pet store. They use National as a wholesaler. Like i said, I have ordered twice. The first time, my order was a day late. This week I made another order, I was told they would be at my work thursday afternoon, I waited till 6:30 (3hrs past when i'm done work) to get a phone call that I would be be getting my order. When my order arrived today, I got HALF my crickets and HALF of those were dead. I called to complained and i freaked big time. He wouldn't do anything about it right away so I threatened to call better business bureau and he told me to go call my credit card company when i'm at it to get my money back. I AM NOT HAPPY with the service and I HIGHLY recommend people not to shop there.

    (Hopefully this thread is cool in this section)

    Thanks, Jim
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    Although we appreciate your concern for everyone, I don't think flaming a business for your personal frustration is worthy of Joining a forum just to do that. Since this is your first post I cannot either praise or condemn said business solely on your experience but I am not bashing you for this, We have all been "Burned" so to speak from businesses but the fact of the matter is the distributor is just that, a distributor and some are better than others but most are in it for moving quantity for dollars as sad as that may be.

    To anyone whom has a problem with a business and I have a lot of experience dealing with third party venders, Sugar works better than salt so contain your frustration and treat them like a friend and 99% of the time they will work with you.

    PS: I did some research on that company and amazingly I found this exact post word for word (copy and paste) on several Forums and boards. (forum mods may slap me for this but) That puts you in the catagory as an "Internet Troll" in my book and that really Frustrates me.

    See one of his many other posts here

    Some of use do research when people offer advise here, It's the only way we can provide accurate information.

    Remember, Smile. Your world is a vivarium, be happy it's so big and beautiful!!
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    hey, thanks for your reply. I dont think its fair for a business to tell you to go get your money from your credit card company instead of giving you a refund. I posted on 4 forums so that people can be aware of this business and not have to go through the same bs that i had too. If I can save the hassle for 5 people, then i am happy, if its more, so be it, if its less, oh well

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