baby veiled with his eyes closed

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  1. I just bought a baby veiled cham today. He seemed to be alert at the store, but the ride home he started doing weird things with his eyes. He had them closed for a while then they looked like they were inflating then after a few minutes he'd open one of them up and the just do it again. Now...a 6 hours later hes in his tank and all the temps and everything are right but hes just sitting there with his eyes closed and hasn't had them open since the car ride home. The specialist at the store said that its probably a stress thing but I was just making sure. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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    Can you give us more details about your setup? Things to include in your description are:
    1. Basking and ambient temperatures, and what is being used to measure these temperatures
    2. Humidity
    3. UVB source (type of bulb, position of light)
    4. Enclosure size
    5. Substrate
    6. Any other details about the setup that might be important.

    The eye bulging is likely a sign that your cham is about to shed around the face. Many lizards like bearded dragons and uromastyx do this as well. It's a way to loosen the skin around the eyes. Make sure the humidity is up to allow for the easiest shed as possible.

    Keeping his eyes completely closed for extended periods of time is not a good sign though. What is his status at this point? Any changes?
  3. Thank you....actually it lasted only for the first day but I was still worried about it. All of the temps are correct and I mist the tank 3 times a day. Every once in a while he'll do the eye bulging/rubbing thing but other than that everything is good. He's eating small crickets, wax worms and small meal worms. He just doesn't seem to eat a lot, only like two insects a day.
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    Well, I'm glad he's keeping his eyes open now. You're right, he isn't eating much at all. However, you've only had him a week, so I'd say he's still settling in. Hopefully he'll eat more as he gets more comfortable. =)
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    glad his ok

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