Baby Uro? 15 Gallon tank.

Discussion in 'Uromastyx' started by tokaygirl55, Aug 13, 2013.

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    So, I just updated my leopard geckos tank and I have their smaller one with nothing to put in it. My mom is 'sick of wasting the gas' to drive to pet co once a week to get crickets, mealworms, etc. She said if I ever want a chance of getting another reptile again it has to (at least partially) eat plants. So I found Uros! :D I have a sand substrate and I heard they were from the desert so I thought that would work well. I plan on getting one around Christmas(If I can...) so I was wondering if this would be a proper set up and where I could get one.
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    Welcome to reptile boards!
    A 15 gallon tank is just a bit too small for even the smallest Uro species.... they recommend at LEAST a 20 gallon, more often a 40 gallon breeder or larger tank is needed. Also, yes, they are a desert dwelling species but they tend to mostly stay on the rock and thick clay like sand where they can dig down and make solid dens in the clay to lay in as their "nest."
    There are a lot of different uros out there that could work for you as a great reptile pet - here is a great website from one of the founders of the Uros in the pet trade. I would suggest researching a bit more to narrow down which would work best for you :)
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    Alright thanks! I was looking for a good Uro site to do some research. :D

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