Anyone with Gopher snake pics?

Discussion in 'Other Colubrids' started by adamvester, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. adamvester

    adamvester Embryo

    hey everyone, i picked up a gopher snake a few weeks back got interested in them alot since i got it. anyone have any pics of there gophers?

    oh and if you keep them any good advise you can give?
  2. kinsey

    kinsey Embryo

    i do not have a camera that download to the computer....grr. great choice of a snake i love gophers!! with gopher snakes, they can become agressive when they get big so make sure he is handled every day for a while so he will become a good pet so that when he is older he will still be good natured. they also love people if left alone they get upset [or mine does at least xD] so make sure when you get home you say hi to him [that sounded really gay but its true]. ;) good luck!!
  3. Akirawallace

    Akirawallace New Member

    This is Snickers. He is very sweet :)


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