Animal Crossing: New Horizons: A player turned his island into Danny DeVito

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    buy Animal Crossing Bells None more so it seems than Reddit user B4SSOON who has gone above and beyond by dedicating their island to the one and only Danny DeVito.

    B4SSOON is not finished yet. The houses should move so that everything looks nicer. In any case the whole thing took a while. "I lost track of time," writes B4SSOON.

    That's right carved deep into the landscape of the island is the face of the Penguin himself in stunning detail. The island has been called “DanyDeVito" and the creator has crammed all the housing and shops to the left side of the island leaving the right side free and empty to honour the actor.

    The design uses the different floor textures for the different colors sell Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells on the face paths for the glasses and a river as an outline.

    B4SSOON says they will start doing tours on Wednesday so if you want to see it for yourself you just need to reach out to them on Reddit.

    Thankfully despite these uncertain times we can seemingly all agree that Danny DeVito is always worth celebrating.

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