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Discussion in 'Boas' started by RobbieReptileMan, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. RobbieReptileMan

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    So the reptile show is coming up next week and I have a very aggresive boa that I can't seem toget out without getting bit and she's atleast 5 feet long do it's not the best feeling thing and I'm worried the snake will injure herself any tips? I don't have a snake hook and my friend tol me to trn the lights off for a few hours before I get her so she's "cold an calm" is that safe?

    JEFFREH Administrator Staff Member

    The lights being off for a few hours probably won't do much to calm the snake down unfortunately - things would have to get pretty chilly for quite a while to make a very noticable difference.

    I think a snake hook would be a great idea; a lot of boas and other snakes are very defensive in their enclosure and tend to calm down a bit once they are actually outside. I dealt with a boa much like yours who was very huffy in her enclosure and wouldn't think twice about striking, but once outside she was a complete doll. With time and regular handling she eventually calmed down - so there is hope for your snake, though I can't guarantee things will pan out in exactly the same way.

    Now, since you do not have a hook yet, you can try some other tactics. If you can get a pillow case or sheet of some kind and place it over the snake. This will make things easier when you are removing it from the viv, and hopefully once out of its environment it will calm down some. Be patient and consistent, and make handling a positive experience.

    You can also try placing a t-shirt you've worn throughout the day in the viv for a while, this can help the snake to feel more comfortable with your scent. On the note of scent, be sure you have not handled any rodents or other animals prior to handling...wash your hands.

    It may take a long time to socialize your snake; you may see progress in a couple of weeks or it may take months. Just be patient and consistent, and handle the snake at least once a week. Do not back down if the snake tries to be get huffy or begins strikes, this will only encourage the behavior as the snake will realize that acting in this manner results in being left alone.

    If this continues to be a real problem snake, you can try picking up a pair of 'medium' thickness garden gloves to help you out and a thick long sleeved shirt to help with the pain from bites.
  3. RobbieReptileMan

    RobbieReptileMan New Member

    Well it does seem that whenerv I Finnaly get her out she calms down a bit but I really freaked out to hold her because of how terrifying it looks when she's hissing lol I was gonna sell her at the hamburg show and buy a new savannah monitor and also my other boa I have she's 8 feet long and I've never had a problem with her so maybe I just got lucky ?
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    I'd keep a bottle of whiskey or something strong near the tank in case she does try to wrap around you when she bites. Also, try rearranging the things in her tank. She may be attacking because she feels territorial.

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