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    Ramses Osiris Horus Embryo

    :) Hey everybody!

    My name is Ramses and I am a therapeutic lizard. Yaa! You heard me!! Therapeutic lizard! I live with my housemates, guineapigs Rosa and Ruby and Cleopatra the black cat and Daddy Dylan. I love to crawl up into Daddy Dylan's hoodies and curl up for a nap! My other favorite thing to do is ride around the house on Daddy Dylan's shoulder...and even around the building on occasion heeheehee!

    I'm one of the few lizards that happens to be a meat eater. We live in the city where we are. So I do dog food. Yes! I know that they say live feed is sometimes advocated. But Dr Donna DVM says that dog food is okay!

    We're hoping to get a social group started for non-canine working critters. If any of you herps are therapeutic critters or you know anyone with working therapeutic herps please let me know.


    PS: Bluestreak! :)

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