6 month Jonesii wont eat, rubbing eyes

Discussion in 'General Lizards' started by Jessica Schoo, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Jessica Schoo

    Jessica Schoo Embryo

    She suddenly stopped eating. Cannot open her mouth, she snaps it shut if I can get open even a little.

    No runny bowel movements, or any bowl movements.

    She will not open her eyes. Sometimes after a warm bath, she will crack them open. No drainage or discoloration. She is rubbing her face against her bark though. Skin seems dried but no shedding. Multiple mistings throughout the day.

    I was worried at first that a power outage we had may have sent her into early Brumation. She was without heat for 5 hours. She has been like this for 11 days and she is starting to thin.

    Maybe MBD but no funny walk or broken bones. She is very calm, and will walk along my hands and arms with eyes closed. No shakes or tremors.

    I am so confused..

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