2012 Western Canadian Reptile Expo Vendor List

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    Just under 4 months to go and look at the list we already have for 2012!! We are already 2/3 booked. This is a show that you will not want to miss. We never would have imagined how successful the 2011 show would be and are even more excited for the show in 2012. Better act fast if you want to become a part of this show. If you would like to become a vendor, please email info@wcre.ca. Table fees are now $120.00/table August 1st 2012 table fees will increase to $140.00 if there is any remaining.Just an additional note. The list you see now is the order these vendors will be placed aside from sponsors who get first pick. As this list grows the vendors are being filled from front to back of the venue. The sooner you book, the closer to the front your spot will be. Book fast, it is already filling up quickly and we are already past half with sponsors getting first choice of their spots.. Do not wait till the last minute to book a table, as we will sell out.

    2012 Show Vendors Booked To Date
    Updated May 8, 2012

    Cornel's World Show Promoter
    J&J Reptiles Show Promoter
    Zoo Med Show Host Sponsor
    Ectothermic Reptiles Show Sponsor
    Reptiles Canada Show Sponsor
    Big Als Canada Show Sponsor
    Mitchell Reptiles Show Sponsor
    Aquatic Imports Show Sponsor(Sponsor Only)
    Canadian Mouseman Show Sponsor
    Celtic Serpents Show Sponsor
    Markus Jayne Ball Pythons Show Sponsor(Sponsor Only So Far)
    5 Foot 16 Exotics Show Sponsor(Sponsor Only So Far)
    Corey Woods
    Mo Perri
    First Strike
    Falconridge Farms
    Matt/Kylie Kennedy
    Darwins Reptiles
    Snake Snax
    JT Chameleons
    Mist King
    Bluemoon Geckos
    Snap Dragonz
    TNT Reptiles
    Sid Laan Reptiles
    Robinsons Royal Pythons
    Skimerhorn Exotics
    Ball Python World
    Reptile Igloo
    Antennae Inc
    5 Star Serpents
    Robin Henderson Reptiles
    New World Reptiles
    Chameleons Galore
    Snakeboy Exotics
    Winnipeg Reptiles
    Pro Pythons
    J-Tag Reptiles
    Exotic Serpents
    Chris and Linsey Stinson
    2 Monsters Exotics
    Tarantula Canada
    Arachnid Apparel
    TARAS(The Alberta Reptile and Amphibian Society)
    Geckos Etc - US Vendor
    Artsy Fartsy (Face Painting)
    Dan Uremovic
    Irridescent Exotics
    Saskatchewan Exotics
    Sticky Toes Herpetoculture
    Arctic Circle Herpetological
    MC Ball Pythons
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    Another update to the list. We are officially 1/2 booked with just under 8 months to go. This is going to be the show of the year, and you won't want to miss it. If you are looking to book, we wouldn't wait too long as this show will sell out. If you are interested in sponsoring the show, please send an email to info@wcre.ca. The sooner you sign on the sooner the potential benefit by gaining presales before the show begins. Stay tuned for more updates as the vendor list grows.

    We can't wait

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team
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    Vendor and Sponsor listings updated. The planning is in full swing and the show will fill up fast. We are still looking for sponsors as well to bolster our advertising campaign, so if you are thinking of sponsoring, it is best to get on it soon to take advantage of our promotion of our sponsors. See you all in August.

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team
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    Remember to visit our website for updates, vendor list, and show sponsors (http://www.wcre.ca)

    Our Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/110721422349577/)
    Our Facebook Event Listing (http://www.facebook.com/events/171753436235893/)
    And make sure to follow our tweets on Twitter at (https://twitter.com/#!/WCRERedDeer)

    The biggest key to making this show successful is word of mouth and we are hoping we can get help from everyone to spread the word. Even a few extra people through the door makes the show even better. Thanks to everyone for the help so far, and thanks for any extra help anyone can lend from here on in.

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team
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    Just wanted to post a quick update to our vendor list as we had added quite a few since the last update. We are now 2/3 booked (confirmed) with quite a few unconfirmed vendors that we are awaiting payment on. If you are looking at booking tables, make sure not to wait till the last minute as we will sell out, and you may miss out.

    The planning of the show is now in full swing, and some of the advertising is already distributed around the area. With the success of the last 2 Alberta shows, we imagine we will be seeing record numbers in attendance, so make sure to book this weekend off and attend.

    We also have got quite a few requests for VIP access on Saturday morning. We will be looking for vendors to showcase for the VIP sale who are willing to offer special sales/deals from 9-10 AM on the Saturday before the show officially opens to the public.

    We should have a promotional video for the show shortly as well. We can't wait to see it and it should showcase how successful the show was last year in terms of the quality vendors as well as the mass amounts of patrons through the door.

    See you all in August, and look forward to an even better show than last years.

    We also booked our first US Vendor - Geckos Etc. We are really excited to have Steve, and his quality geckos at our show. We are working on a few other US vendors, so stay turned for those as well.

    Greg West and Jim Dyke
    The WCRE Team

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