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  1. Tiger&Raptor
    My baby leopard gecko is not eating. I mostly tried everything. I would type more but this thing won't let me, but please help me!!
  2. JoshSnakeman
    Might have a deal on a Mossy Gecko!! That just leaves the Gargoyle once again, and I'll have my collection complete!
  3. JoshSnakeman
    You know what I like about this forum? Nobody automatically assumes you're a noob when you post something :P easily my favourite forum!!
  4. JoshSnakeman
    Get my Cresties tomorrow!!
  5. Jessica Schoo
    Jessica Schoo
    Aria is on day 11 of Brumation
  6. JoshSnakeman
    I get a Crestie pair next Saturday!
  7. JoshSnakeman
    Well the female Garg is gone, but some Cresties are on the way!
  8. Lindz&dan
    Need help with our gecko... Someone help please
  9. JoshSnakeman
    Female Garg died :/
    1. dogking
      Sorry to hear that =( What was the cause?
      Mar 31, 2014
    2. JoshSnakeman
      I don't even know! I gave her the same care as my Sara and my Sara is thriving and is super healthy :/ I have a feeling it has something to do with the pet store and the way they kept her and then the sudden change to my care. This is why I try to get reptiles from breeders when I can.
      Apr 1, 2014
  10. Amanda Jo
    Amanda Jo
    New to this website. Not really surehow to work around this whole thing yet.
  11. mr_andrew
    I am back, all is well and Angus is getting FAT!
  12. dogking
    My vivarium has turned into a fungus gnat nightmare. Thinking about scrapping the whole thing and turning it into a planted aquarium.
  13. naykid
    What a tough breeding season.....already thrown out 25 eggs:o first time males can't seem to figure it out.
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  15. JoshSnakeman
    Just got a female grey striped Gargoyle Gecko — and she's stunning! She's got a bit of red too so there's the possibility of red babies!
  16. JoshSnakeman
    Really quiet here lately
    1. dogking
      Ya, it's been quiet for a while now. You should have seen it three or four years ago! We had dozens of posts each day! Most of our core members have either gotten really busy (like me lol) or just stopped logging on. I'm hoping that soon we will be able to get some more members and restore the site to it's previous glory!
      Feb 26, 2014
  17. JoshSnakeman
    Gargoyle gecko is next on my list.
  18. Sharman Wisdom
    Sharman Wisdom
    Been busy outside in the garden since its been so nice. Sorry some of you have bad weather!
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  20. kickersx
    Smitty is on his 2nd shed already ! How often do baby bearded dragons shed? He's growing so fast! 2" in 30 days
    1. JEFFREH
      During growth spurts, juvenile bearded dragon can almost constantly be in shed somewhere on the body... Especially since they often shed in patches. They grow pretty quick!
      Feb 2, 2014